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Surgical Prices

Cat Neuter                                    $57
Cat Spay                                        $75
Dog Neuter (up to 40lbs)           $87
Dog Neuter (40-80lbs)               $110
Dog Neuter (80+lbs)                    $137
Dog Spay (up to 40lbs)               $110
Dog Spay (40-80lbs)                   $128
Dog Spay (80+lbs)                       $144

Dog Add On’s

4DX Test: $34
(A test for Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis in dogs.)

DAPP: $20
 (Puppy Vaccine, including parvo)

DAPPvL: $20
(Core Dog Vaccine, including leptospirosis)

Bordatella Vaccine: $23
 (Kennel Cough Vaccine)

Lyme Vaccine: $40

(Flea and Tick Prevention for dogs)
      One Month: $27
      Three Months: $73

Heartgard Plus
(Heartworm Prevention and Roundworm dewormer, 
         Negative heartworm test required)

      0-25lbs One Month: $11 Six Months: $46
      26-50lbs One Month: $12 Six Months: $57
      51-100lbs One Month: $13 Six Months
: $68

Surgery Add On’s

Take-Home P
ain Medication: $10
 (Your pet will receive a 24 hour pain injection, if you would like to add
          three ad
ditional days of take home medication, let us know!)

Microchip (Lifetime Registration Included) $25

Capstar: $10
 (24 Hour pest treatment, REQUIRED if your pet is found to have fleas.)

Rabies Vaccine: $10
(REQUIRED unless proof of prior vaccine is provided. $20 for Wellness 
         Visit if your pet is not having surgery.)

E-Collar: $5 (cat) $10 (dog)
(These are cones to prevent your pet from licking their incision)

Nail Trim: $10

Cryptorchid Surgery: $25-35
(Undescended testicles in male animals require an additional incision.)

Umbilical Hernia Repair: $25-35

Cat Add On’s 

FIV/FELV Test: $34
(Test for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia)

FVRCP: $20
(Upper Respiratory Vaccine)

Pyrantel: $5
(Treats roundworms in cats)

Praziquantel: $10
(Treats tapeworms in cats)

Ear Mite Treatment: $10 
(Ear cleaning and treatment for ear mites)

Parasedge Multi: $15
(Topical pest treatment, prevents fleas, worms, and mites)

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